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New study reveals Bristol has the fifth most expensive student housing in the country

Students pay on average £1,537 per month

A new study has revealed that University of Bristol students pay the fifth most for rented accommodation in the UK.

Looking at the major university cities in the country, the study by concluded that on average, students in Bristol pay £1,537pcm compared with students paying £863 in Sheffield and £917 in Coventry.

Only students at King's, UCL, Brighton and Edinburgh pay more for their accommodation.

The study also showed that The University of Bristol was the worst for having student rentals in close proximity to campus.

There are just 101 rentals within one mile of campus in comparison with Coventry where there are 1,630, UCL where there are 1,517 and Newcastle where there are 1,537.

These are only the latest revelations in an academic year that has seen Bristol freshers living in Wales and UWE students being housed in temporary pods dubbed "not fit for students."

Cut The Rent are a student group who regularly protest against the accommodation situation in Bristol.

Ruth Day, an activist for Cut The Rent, said: "We are disappointed but not surprised to see the University of Bristol as one of the worst UK Universities for student accommodation.

"We have been working with the university to get the rents down following a rent strike and have made some progress, but there is still a lot work to be done.

"Only five per cent of beds cost below half the maximum maintenance loan, and we hope that the University will make good to its promise and lower rents further next year without forcing the student body into taking action due to ridiculous rents."