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Deliveroo riders boycott Wagamama amid pay concerns

There’s a very good reason you couldn’t get your Katsu curry last week

Last week, around 80 Deliveroo riders refused to take orders from Wagamama on the Triangle and at Cabot, amid concerns about pay.

According to the organiser of the strike, Joseph Nunes, 43, riders can wait up to 25 minutes in a Wagamama restaurant while they prepare the food.

The wasted (and unpaid) time means that riders can do significantly fewer trips.

“We all dread the waiting time at Wagamama. It’s not fair on the riders.” Nunes told The Bristol Post.

While the minimum wage for an over-25 is £8.21, Nunes claims to make £6 per hour when you factor in petrol costs, moped maintenance and insurance. He described his working conditions as similar to “slavery.”

The strike occurred on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week, following a 100-strong strike concerning pay that occurred on 21st of September.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said: “Deliveroo works closely with our restaurant partners and the riders we work with to make sure we have an efficient and reliable service.

“Deliveroo has recently made changes to rider fees so riders are paid more for longer distance deliveries and wait times at restaurants are taken into consideration when calculating how much riders are paid.”