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Channel 4 want Bristol’s best cooks to take part in Come Dine With Me

Tag that one mate who makes banging toast

Come Dine With Me are scouring the country, looking for contestants to be on their iconic TV show.

Five strangers, five nights — each person hosts one night, cooking a three-course meal for their guests, with the added option of entertainment.

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You know the drill

If any of you idiot sandwiches fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsay, or just really want a £1,000 prize — this may be just the thing for you.

There’s no need for grace and decorum, so don’t worry if you are indeed a reversing dump truck with no tyres on. To be eligible to apply, you merely have to be 18 and live in Bristol or the surrounding area.

Audition dates will be held between the 7th- 9th of January, with filming to take place between the 11th-15th of February.

Fancy the challenge? Apply here.