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We can guess what type of person you are based on your Bristol Halloween club night

Bet you got Triple Cooked

Motion: Hospitality Halloween

Go hard or go home. You live for the sesh and genuinely enjoy DnB. Not only have you already seen Danny Byrd twice at Motion, but you’re going back for more (probably because you were too pinged to remember the last two times).

You are sweating profusely, with a Stone Island/Supreme/Cheeky Ralphy jumper tied like a victory sash around your shoulders and body (the dick way to wear it). You can be found on the dance floor, swinging on the railing while gurning your face off, or in the smoking area nostalgically chatting shit with some "friend" from halls.

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Triple Cooked: Old Crown Court

You’re digging around in your closet for your waviest pair of stripped orange flares, getting ready to take on Old Crown Court. Your housemates decided this was the night out you were all going on, and you went along with it because you didn’t want to admit you have no idea what it is. God knows what the music will be but when it eventually gives way to DnB you’ll jump in an Uber home. No matter what happens, you’ll be sure to Instagram your escapades in the morning.

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Wide Eyes Halloween: Lakota with DJ Q

Slightly more hardcore than Triple Cooked, this one is for the true baseline fans who are too alternative for Motion. You’ll be so off your face that you won’t notice the "seamless" transition between DJ Q and the UWE DJ society. Your main reason for going is to add to the number of times you can make it to Lakota before it shuts down.

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The Haunted Mansion: Lola Lo’s

The basic bitch of all the club nights. You love the triangle with your whole heart and not even Halloween could draw you away. Besides, being that close to home means you can end your night with Donovan’s cheesy nuggs by 2am, and still make it to your 9am on Thursday morning.

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LUX Halloween Special: Gravity

Commitment to the team: 10/10. Your pickings of girls have been significantly reduced in light of the mass migration of flares to Triple Cooked, but no bother – you back yourself with that girl from the hockey 2s. If not, you’ll take comfort in the fact everyone will be too drunk to notice you didn’t manage to pull.

Ramshackle Halloween: Rave of the Walking Dead @O2 Academy Bristol

You’re definitely a first year in city centre halls. Don’t worry, there is always next year.

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‘Fear and Loathing in the Caves’ : Basement 45 with MasTechno +Der Liebe

You were too unorganised to buy tickets for a different night, and this is the only free event in Bristol. That or you just fucking love Techno.