Amy Bretherton
News Editor at The Bristol Tab

I went to the previously ‘banned’ free speech talk and it was… really weird

It was much less dramatic than I thought it would be

Number of Bristol students dropping out for mental health reasons doubles in four years

This number has more than doubled in four years

So it turns out only 13 UoB students were ever living in Newport

… what?

Meet the unsung hero clearing up UoB

Ben Thornbury is clearing up campus one bit of litter at a time

The Bristol Tab is looking for writers and we want YOU

You don’t need any experience and it looks great on your CV

Couple defended by Ben Stokes in a brawl outside Mbargos call for him to be knighted after his Ashes triumph

“He saved us, now he’s saved the Ashes.”

Taylor Swift’s new song is basically about Bristol Uni (ish)

Ok, let us have this

UoB refuse to compensate students for awful living conditions in University halls of residence

Cut The Rent is fighting back against the Uni which is refusing to grant compensation

Police launch extra patrols to tackle your lit end-of-year parties

The Noise Pages are also targeting day parties

BAME students at Bristol are a third less likely to get a first. Meet the campaigners fighting to change that

The BME for Success Program supports the experience and success of BAME students

UoB ranks in the bottom 25 unis in the UK for Student Satisfaction, according to 2020 league tables

The survey was conducted by The Complete University Guide 2020

Bristol kicked student out by email and letter weeks before he died by suicide

He was in contact with 30 uni staff before his death

Meet the boys taking part in FUZE 2019

The wait is nearly over

Meet the girls taking part in FUZE 2019

The wait is nearly over

Meet the candidates running for Equality, Liberation and Access Officer in the SU elections

Voting closes on Thursday

Meet the candidates running for Undergraduate Education Officer in the SU elections

Voting closes this Thursday

Bristol students pass motion to divest from Israel’s occupation of the West Bank

A heated debate ensued at the AMM on Tuesday

Bristol has been named the fourth best city for graduates in the UK

There’s hope for us all

Ex-Stoke Bishop second years cause the most noise complaints, documents confirm

Stokey-B strikes again

This is not a drill: The Great British Gin Festival is coming to Bristol

Let the fun be-GIN