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10 reasons why you should write for The Tab Bristol

Someone contacted me and said I could MC at a Lakota event if I wrote an article about drum and bass

You’re 3 hours deep into a ‘sitting at my desk pretending to do my coursework due tomorrow’ session and find yourself wanting a break as you really deserve it for all the hard work you haven’t been doing. You open up a new tab on your laptop and go on Facebook, and it's definitely for one of these three reasons:

To stalk your ex's new girlfriend's best friend, to see if you’ve finally made it into a juicy Bristruth and most importantly, to read the latest goss on The Tab.

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You'll be up to date with all the juicy goss

Globally, over 2,300 people wrote for The Tab in 2017, with nearly half of those being regulars. This could be 2,301 — if you want it to be! Here’s a few reasons why you should give it a go this year…

1) It’s a great thing to do if you’re interested in journalism as a career

It’s like constant work experience, but you’re not painstakingly being forced to make cups of tea for David Walsh at The Times because your cousin's best friend's sister had a contact there. It’s fun, it's real and you will actually improve and learn from it.

2) You meet loads of new people…

People you will probably not meet in halls or on your course. Or ever. Because The Tab brings out all of the weirdos!! (kidding, of course…)

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How could you resist these gorgeous faces?

3) Socials

Come on, who would want to go on a Wednesday sports social and flit around amongst hoards of very attractive, muscular, chiselled, rugby men when you could sit and av a good ol laff about Theresa May and solve world hunger over a Red Stripe ? DEFINITELY not me. And not you either. Right?

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We're a nice bunch, I promise x

4) You’ll get some weird and wonderful opportunities.

Kid you not, a well known Drum and Bass producer contacted me and told me I could MC at one of his events at Lakota if I wrote an article about drum and bass. I am tempted. Watch this space. Gotta please the fans.

5) It’s a way to get involved in extra curricular stuff

There’s only so much Netflix watching and drinking you can do around your 10 contact hours a week until you get a bit bored. Bristol is an exciting place, get involved and make the most of it! It’s not strenuous, it doesn’t require 6am starts, you don’t need any special pricey equipment. Easy. Just turn up.

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Think of the free merch

6) If you’re super special, you’ll make it onto the BNOC list

Prestigious af. I mean, I’m not gunna lie and say that this is a given. You really do have to be extremely gifted, talented and just all round amazing in every way to get to this. But yeah, it’s something for the ambitious of you to aim for.

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Do it for the fans

7) You can write about pretty much anything you like with a FB platform of 16k

Despite us being a truly hilarious bunch of people, we do write about serious stuff too. From news articles regarding suicides and mental health to write-ups of protests or news from the SU, it’s not all laughs and Love Island.

8) It gives you the chance to raise awareness about something that’s important to you

Feel as if the uni isn’t handling something well? Concerned about mental health? Worried that not enough people know which type of beer they would be? Make it public! You’ll be surprised at the amount of people it will reach.

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Bristol students marching for better mental health services

9) Annnnddd…. it’s not at all intimidating

No fitness test, no previous experience needed and we are all pretty nice. As long as you’re a decent writer and have a good imagination, you’ll be fine.

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You too can have fun at socials with a sticker on your forehead

10) It’s just a really fun thing to do and will 100% improve your time at uni

Honestly, joining The Tab Bristol is one of the best decisions I made in my first year, it’s been so much fun. Promise you will not regret it!!

So, even if just one of the above has interested you then please give it a go! Come along to our open meeting at the Brass Pig on Tuesday the 2nd of October (details on our Facebook page). Or, come and see us at the Welcome Fair on the Downs on the 28th of September.

You may even be the next Susanna Reid.