The ASS is for everyone, not just arts students

Name one other library that’s open 24/7

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In the abyss which is the build-up to exam season, a recent article has argued that all science students should vacate the ASSL; the only study space in the university that is open 24/7.

This approach to the ASSL seems unfair. Science students have far more contact hours than BA students. So, it’s unlikely that there will be a mass influx on science students in the ASSL at any given point. The only time this would happen is in the evening, when the majority of people have left the ASSL anyway.

The charming building that is the ASS Library

But, for those students that are in the ASSL in the evening (mainly students that realise procrastinating any more will destine them for a 2:2), the ASSL is a great place to study. You can get coffee until 8pm — unlike Beacon — and if you’re concerned about finding somewhere to sit, checking the university’s website which provides regular updates on free desks is probably a good place to start.

There’s a certain thrill about studying in the ASSL at night. The caffeine-fueled, tear- filled atmosphere isn’t something that science students should miss out on. It’s part of the university experience, and feeling like everyone is all in this together shouldn’t be reserved for arts students.

Where else could you ever want to be?

In fact, having science students in the ASSL can be quite soothing for arts students. Many science students opt to do exams over a dissertation, so you won’t have to overhear anymore conversations about how someone has finished their dissertation and ready to submit it days before the deadline.

It’s time to stop hating on science students that use the ASSL. Yes, there may not be many seats to study. But let’s be realistic, us BA students often use the Life Sciences building when the ASSL gets full, so why can’t science students do the same in the ASSL?