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Students violently pushed away by security as protesters storm Wills Memorial Building

They were trying to interrupt the VC’s meeting

Protesters at Bristol University just stormed their way into the Wills Memorial Building, where the Vice-Chancellor is chairing a meeting of Senate.

In a video taken by The Tab Bristol, three security guards can be seen violently pushing protesters away from the doors leading to meeting.

A university police officer appears behind the double doors to prevent anyone coming through.

After the initial commotion, the protesters started chanting “Hugh Brady shame on you, staff deserve their pensions too”.

They can be seen blowing on whistles and banging on pots and pans so to try and interrupt the meeting going on behind the doors.

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People had gathered outside the building before charging inside

Students and staff had been giving speeches outside Wills Memorial before around 40 students charged inside to protest outside the meeting room.

Kate Raison from the Student Staff Solidarity Group, Ruth Day and a UCU rep were invited to address the VC and Senate after the protest.

25 students waiting outside Senate for around an hour before leaving.