Eduroam ban another Bristol student for illegally downloading Shrek

“Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me”

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Following the news that a Bristol fresher was banned from Eduroam for downloading Chicken Run, word has reached The Tab of another case of overzealous IT staff cracking down on impoverished film lovers.

Kitty Underwood, a postgrad student currently doing an MA in History, was caught by Eduroam’s pirate-busting goon squad trying to illegally download the 2001 classic Shrek whilst connected to their network.

The ogre in question

The film, which is Kitty’s favourite of the four-part series, concerns a reclusive and grouchy ogre forced to venture out of their home when threatened by a pernicious ruler who threatens the ogre’s way of life.

Miss Underwood was asked to undertake a similar quest in September when the Uni IT demanded they visit their help desk and prove that she removed Shrek from her computer.

However as she told The Tab: “I just couldn’t hack going up there, aged 23, and looking another adult in the eye and saying I’d been banned for downloading Shrek”. Kitty has therefore been unable to use Eduroam the entire year and been forced to rely on their “patchy ass cloud network”.

The email which started it all

According to the student: “The reason I’d downloaded it is because we had no internet for the first month or two when we moved in, so I’d been downloading a bunch of stuff for me and my flatmates to watch in the evening, so we didn’t go mad. I think we watched Shrek about 3 or 4 times by the time our internet was sorted so it was definitely worth it”.

A photograph of the Shrek lover

“Half of me thinks it’s a bit ridiculous to ban people from using eduroam for whatever reasons, it’s literally there so I can do my work, it’s part of what I paid for, surely. But then again, I’m well aware that it’s entirely my fault, I could have bothered to use a VPN, I could have just gone up and signed the thing, or I could have just struggled through my Shrek-less existence”.