Controversial student written opera launches in Bristol this week

Tickets are now available

Bristol has been a hotbed of controversy this term.

Student productions were cancelled over ‘whitewashing concerns’, chav socials were criticised and laid to rest, and a leading philosopher is on his way to being no-platformed.

To add to the excitement, one of Bristol Uni’s leading musical minds has concocted an opera which he describes to be “as sinister as it is controversial.”

Lucky Dube, renowned BNOC and student composer has written what he believes to be his magnum opus (so far) and Bristol Operatic Society have joined with an orchestra of talented student musicians to put on a showing at the Winston Theatre on the 9th of November. The orchestra has been complimented as having one of the most skilled flute sections seen in Bristol student performances thus far.

The man himself

‘A Pared Vow’ is a tale of betrayal, love,  repentance and violence.

When asked for an outline of the fiendish plot, Mr Dube told us only this:

“It centres on the marriage of Polly and Dion – a crisis hits their relationship and it nearly ends in catastrophe. An injustice is committed that causes the two to think about their relationship.”

Will this be the piece that launches a student’s operatic career? Will there be calls for Mr Dube to be banned from putting on further performances? Will there be enough drink available at the event to steel the most nervous of audience members?

There is only one way to find out – by buying an entry ticket here.

Readers are advised to move fast as tickets are in high demand.