Bristol BNOC of the year: THE FINAL

Its time for: Livi vs Lucky vs Chris

Bigger than Christmas and more exciting than a season finale of Game of Thrones, its that special time of year when we choose who is the biggest name on Bristol’s campus.

You, the voters, must decide which of these three people deserves to wear the crown of Bristol BNOC of the year. There is no doubt that the award will bring the winner unending fame and fortune throughout the rest of their time at UOB.

Tears shall be wept, fists shall be shaken, glasses of champagne shall be raised in great frivolity. Its time to choose the campus King/Queen.


Livi Brooks-Mclaughlin

“There are chants about her on the no. 16 bus, YikYak is plagued with posts just about her, and literally every fresher either loves or hates her. A definite BNOC.” – Anonymous

“I’m not a BNOC, people just don’t like me.” – Livi


Lucky Dube

Equipped with the best name in Bristol, Lucky is the living embodiment of the title “gentleman and a scholar.”

Writer of operas, free speech activist, and editor of his own student magazine, Lucky has his finger in many campus pies.


Chris Mathias

President of UBSC, the biggest and baddest snowsports club in the country, Chris is a powerful guy who knows hows to party.

Never one to be arrogant, Chris told us about his life: “I lead a fucking dull life, I do a bit of skiing and I do a bit of drinking every now and again.”