Cheerleading Society’s ‘chav themed social’ renamed for being classist

Some said it was an ‘appropriation of working class culture’


The Bristol Cheerleading Society have changed the theme of their ‘chav themed social’ after criticisms from students and the SU that they were appropriating working class culture, The Tab can reveal.

Coming just a week after a student performance of Aida by Music Theatre Bristol was cancelled over criticisms of whitewashing and cultural appropriation, the fear of offending has struck again.

After a worried cheerleader complained to the society’s social secretaries that the theme could be deemed as appropriation of working class culture, an argument erupted within the society.

Rebuttals from the social secretaries stating that “not all working class people are chavs” and that they themselves were from working class backgrounds were duly ignored when the SU’s Equality, Liberation and Access Officer Hannah Dualeh became involved.

Taking a hard-line stance on what she thought was an attempt to “demonise or make caricatures about” something which was “classist and horrible”, Miss Dualeh proceeded to advise the society as a whole to change their theme completely.

Social media messages obtained by a cheerleading fresher show that Miss Dualeh was shocked “by the lack of concern or apology” regarding an event that “perpetuates oppression towards students from working class backgrounds.”

Seemingly un-phased by the anger they had invoked, the social secretaries proceeded to rename the event “Comfortable tracksuit bottoms and jumper night.”


Unsurprisingly this did little to calm people’s nerves and the society were accused by Miss Dualeh of turning her positive criticism into a joke. The event was then renamed simply as ‘social’.

Both social secretaries have been approached for comment.