Drastic changes are coming to Motion

The biggest upheaval since the rise in tuition fees

Big changes are coming to everybody’s favourite warehouse club Motion.

In a shocking turn of events, petitions and licensing announcements were found plastered all over the walls by the Motion queuing area. The documents, which were seen by clubbers last night, proclaim that three main changes are coming to the club.

Three bullet points list that there will be a ‘change in the layout’ of the club that involve the removal of: one of the warehouses, the burger van, and the covered smoking area.

Although “opening times and licensable activity” are to remain unchanged, regular Motion goers will be left aghast at the prospect of three integral parts of Bristol’s best club being taken away.

Where else will the happy gurning masses ask strangers for spare cigarettes? How will the booze drinking minority find respite from 4am hunger without a burger van?

One can hardly imagine the upset that will be caused if a warehouse is removed and Motion’s perfect layout is messed with.

A club that is loved by almost all of Bristol is soon to go through some drastic changes. Watch this space for more information.