5-foot python on the loose in Bristol

He was last seen drinking a Red Stripe on College Green


There is a Basilik roaming our streets – but no need to be alarmed.

Darling Kojo, the 5-foot python, vanished from his home in Bradley Stoke two weeks ago.

what a sweetheart


When Kojo claimed he just “wanted to feel something”, his family initially assumed he meant a mere gust of fresh air. However, it soon came to light that Kojo had other ideas. Normally a python would tell you where it was going and how long it would be, but this case we speak of is rather mysterious indeed.

He shed his skin on Turbo Island sometime last Tuesday between 6am and midday – rumour has it that he literally ‘found himself’. The python has recently been spotted on numerous occasions outside various venues in Stokes Croft, but residents didn’t take it to appear anything out of the ordinary.

Friends and family describe the beloved snake as “very friendly”, so if you bump into him, take him out for a coffee. Get to know him. Offer him brunch – he hasn’t eaten in two weeks.

But seriously, if you actually do find him, please contact his owner promptly. (Simon Neville – 07989412195)

His 11 year old son just wants him back.