Why Cotham Stores is the best offie in Bristol

Never the Texaco

Wow, you’re no longer a fresher and you feel all grown up in your new, crappy Redland house. But where are you going to get booze from now?

No need to worry, here’s why you should always be shopping at Cotham Stores.


Taz actually makes Cotham Stores. He’s like that guy in your seminar who never does any of the work, constantly bad-mouths the lecturer but then ends up with a first. He’s got the charm of Hugh Grant, the looks of David Beckham, the tenacity of Jamie Vardy all merged into one, what a legend. He also makes you feel like a ‘boss’ cos that’s the only thing he ever calls you, while he might even let you off the credit card charge if you’re a loyal customer. This one’s for you ‘boss’.


Location, Location, Location. We all go on about it but Cotham Stores really is at the centre of student living. A stones throw from the uni, a short gander from Whiteladies Road, a stroll from the heart of Redland and actually on Cotham Hill. What more could you ask for.

The Ambiance

Okay so maybe I’m clutching at straws here a bit although I’d rather spend an evening in Cotham Stores than the Texaco or that other offie on Cotham Hill. And you’ve got to admit they’ve done everything right with the place. Mags by the entrance, freezer at the back, booze on the side, everything else in middle. Genius.

The Customer Service

It’s rare to find a place with finer customer service than Cotham Stores. You’ve popped in before another wild night on the town but, shock horror, they’re out of K Cider/Frosty Jacks/Strongbow or any other foul poison you can get your mitts on.

But this is where Cotham Stores is a game changer. As if by magic Taz makes a couple of calls, puts out a few feelers and within a couple of hours your drink of choice is back in the unrefrigerated fridge.

K cider, courtesy of Taz

The Deals

In what world does a bottle of vodka change in price in the actual shop? In Cotham Stores prices change – a few pennies off here, rounded up to the nearest pound there.

‘You’re paying in cash? We’ll make it £10 rather than £11 yeah geeza’.

Admittedly, the prices are probably higher than normal anyway so you’re not actually getting a deal, but still, everyone loves a bargain.