Meet the guy behind Verbier’s take on the safer sex ball

What do you mean you’re not out there at the moment?

We recently chatted to Ben Gilbert, the brains behind Verbier Seasonaires’ Safer Sex Ball-themed traffic light party. Although the event is promoting the same message of safe sex as the Exeter original, the whole thing is being run differently. After all, it’s pretty hard to get naked up in the Alps due to the raging temperatures. For pre, current and post students its going to be a fantastic event.

So Ben, tell me a bit about Verbier Seasonaires?

Well, I started it four years ago as a base for all party events in Verbier. We have links with many venues around Verbier, particularly the Pub Mont Fort which is where this event is going to be held. Its a home for seasonaires so nowhere else would seem fit. It’s become the brand that’s the face of the party scene in Verbier, and it continues to grow every year.

Whats different about Verbier compared any other resort in the Alps?

It’s hard to put your finger on why Verbier is so different to other resorts. Everyone who lives here and works here will say it’s the best season they have ever done (which is why they have not left). Verbier has charm, beauty, great skiing and partying. Everything just falls into place here and you just go with it. Most of the time you forget you are working because you are having so much fun. 

What are people going to have to wear to the event?

Red is for taken, amber is for complicated and green is for get loose.

What’s the craziest thing that has happened at one of the Verbier Seasonaires events?

When I used to work in a night club in town I put James Blunt and Fearne Cotton in a tumble-dryer at two in the morning…that was fun.

A normal night in Verbier

How big is this event going to be?

Well every event in Verbier is huge. Everyone is going to party all night long no matter what colour they’re wearing.

500 condoms at the ready

What kind of things will happen there?

We’ve got lots of free condoms, free merch, and competitions for best dressed. Our resident DJ Niko will be throwing in the tunes all night, and all the Pub Mont Fort staff are ready with drinks to fit the occasion. Dance the night away and remember to stick to your colour. Its going to be a very big event with something for everyone.

‘A drinking resort with a ski problem’