Bristol SU has been named Students’ Union of the Year


Bristol’s SU has won Students’ Union of the year award.

The award is given by the National Centre for Diversity to the SU that has the most positive influence on diversity and promoting equality.

Fighting off close competition from other SU’s that must be attended even less than our own, Bristol University clinched the title while also ranking 31st in the top 100 organisations for equality, diversity and inclusion.

We really do

The award will hopefully help to improve the SU’s struggle to find popularity among the students of Bristol, with the Union being voted the worst part of the Bristol student experience in a 2014 Tab poll.

The weight of the burden to integrate the Union into student life more convincingly than it has been falls on UBU chief executive Samantha Budd, who was shortlisted for chief executive of the year at the same awards.

With their reputation as the antithesis of anything cool in Bristol’s otherwise vibrant student scene, the Union will need to do much more to convince students of its appeal – especially considering we struggled to find anyone who could name a member of the SU.

At the moment, it’s difficult to imagine students abandoning the sweat-stained likes of Motion and Lakota in favour of a building that’s more reminiscent of a hospital than a trendy student hotspot.