Bournemouth locals are angry that ‘noisy students’ are ‘ruining’ their weekends

One local resident said: ‘If their parents knew what they were getting up to they’d be disappointed in them’

Local residents are unhappy that “noisy students” are “ruining” people’s weekends in Bournemouth.

Residents in Winton have told the Bournemouth Echo they are getting increasingly annoyed because of late night parties and noise from students at the town’s universities.

One said the noise is “ruining everybody’s weekends” and students are “keeping the rest of us awake when we have work in the morning.”

He added: “It’s alright for them; a lot of them don’t have to get out of bed until 4pm for a lecture”, presumably forgetting both that 9ams exist and that students can get jobs too.

He called the past two years “a living nightmare” with smashed wing mirrors, bins knocked over, and smashed glass bottles on the floor. He blamed students getting “hammered” on cheap drinks, and then going on to “make noise and cause trouble”.

The resident said: “It isn’t all of them because 99 per cent are brilliant. It’s just the one per cent that ruin it for everybody else and if their parents knew what they were getting up to they’d be disappointed in them.”

Winton ward councillor Simon Bull said: “It’s a difficult one because there are a lot of students”, and said he has regular meetings with both universities.

A spokesperson for Bournemouth University said: “We take our commitment to our local community seriously, and regularly remind our students of their responsibility to be good neighbours.

“The Students’ Union Community Wardens are a regular presence in the area to speak with residents and students, and we work with Dorset Police, BCP Council and AUB to discuss community issues. Any noise complaints should be sent to Environmental Health.”

A spokesperson for Arts University Bournemouth said the university expects its students to “act and behave appropriately” both on and off campus. It said: “The University part-funds BCP Environmental Health patrols to address antisocial, inappropriate, or disruptive behaviour, including noise disturbances, as well as funds the Universities Neighbourhood Policing Team, who work alongside Council enforcement officers to investigate any instances of improper conduct.

“All members of the local community are encouraged to report any issues to BCP’s Antisocial Behaviour Team on 01202 128883, or via the out-of-hours service on 0800 506 050.”