Bournemouth’s Biggest BNOC: Submit your nominees now

Who is the Biggest Name on Campus?

We all know a person who has certified legend status on the campuses of Bournemouth University. Well now is time for them to get their recognition, as the much anticipated BNOC competition is here.

Do you know someone who is the life and soul of every pres? Can you not walk along the streets of Bournemouth without being greeted by at least three fans? Is this you or a friend?

Then nominate yourselves for the widely acclaimed Bournemouth BNOC 2018 Award.

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Could be someone as extra as these girls

Imagine putting on your CV the title of 2018 BU BNOC, which is surely more important than a 2.1?

Nominate yourself or a friend by messaging our Facebook page now.

The top nominations will then be shortlisted for you to vote for your favourite, and the student with the most votes will be crowned winner.

Message us with:

1. Name of nominee

2. Subject and year of study

3. Reason for fame – i.e comical event, Professional Networker, Person-that-most-people-know-but-don't-know-why…

4. Something interesting/funny anecdotes about them

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Did you throw a Winton house party to end all house parties?

Entries will close on the Friday 11th April at 18:00, so get nominating NOW!