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This Bournemouth final year wrote his entire dissertation on Kurupt FM

Throw your Ks up

It's that time of year again – final year students are going mad over their hellishly boring dissertation topics and frantically Googling how much it would cost to hire someone to write it for them.

They all pray that what they slave over will be original, before the last few weeks ahead of hand-in when all they want is an average 2:1.

One Bournemouth student has gone as original on his dissertation as you possibly can – writing all 10,000 words on Kurupt FM, the pirate radio station from the BBC Three sitcom "People Just Doing Nothing".

Sacha Clayton, a final year Television Production student, wrote a dissertation titled: "Power to the Prosumer: An investigation into the impact of technology on the relationship between the audience and media production through analysis of 'People Just Doing Nothing'".

He told The Tab Bournemouth he aimed to investigate how advancements in technology and the invention of things such as the internet and social media have helped in making the show a success.

So how do you even analyse that you might ask? Sacha said he looked at the characters of the show.

"I was analysing the shows marketing campaign, and their presence on social media. All the characters have their own Twitter accounts and remain in character.

"They started on YouTube, so I looked at how it was a prosumer made show, made by amateurs in the beginning."

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A lot of students find that after a while, they get bored of their topic – which is understandable when you're spending all day every day writing about it.

Sacha however, picked a topic that kept him keen: "It was all pretty interesting, just by looking at all the characters presence on social media and their tweets were making me laugh.

"I found out they were meant to be playing a show at the Tate in London as Kurupt FM a couple of years ago, only expecting a very small crowd. Thousands turned up and security had to shut the event down! That just shows the power of social media, they literally only tweeted a couple of times about it.

"Obviously it was draining having to write 10,000 words, but I actually enjoyed the research and it made it much more bearable writing on something I am interested in."

Sacha has had responses from the characters themselves on Twitter, and told us how his social media response didn't end there, with people tweeting him how his topic was "so 2018".

Being a typical student, he didn't exactly stick to the countless deadlines you're given as a final year, and admits he did leave it till the last minute.

"I had about 5,000 done by Christmas, which was awful. When I came back from Christmas I went into work mode, I was getting to the library at 10-11am and leaving at 11pm. I pretty much had to rewrite everything I did before Christmas."

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When asked if he has any regrets about his chosen topic, Sacha said: "I defo don't have any regrets, the lecturers always said write it about something you love, so I did.

"Big up Kurupt FM."

Sacha handed in his diss on Tuesday and, naturally, was wearing a Kurupt FM tee when he did.

Are you writing your dissertation on something mad? Tell us here.

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