These are the songs that motivate UoB students throughout the semester

A selection of tunes to get you through the semester

As we are in the middle of semester two, the slump is hitting and we could all do with an uplifting playlist to get us ready for lectures and work.

Music is proven to affect your mood and listening to a good tune can make anything more enjoyable – from getting to your 9am after a heavy Sports Night to sweating the toxins out at the gym.

We asked you on Instagram to send us your favourite motivational songs and we made a playlist of the suggestions. They are guaranteed to get you singing along, or at least nodding along on your walk to campus.

Rock Your Body – Justin Timberlake 

This is an absolute banger from NSYNC star Justin Timberlake that is guaranteed to help you get to your early lectures, even if you’re not fully awake and/or sober.

Foundations – Kate Nash

This hit song came out in 2007 and is an absolute tune, perfect for singing your heart out to in the shower. I said I’d rather be with your friends mate, cos they are MUCH FITTA!

Work Bitch – Britney Spears

This is an amazing song to strut round Selly to on full blast. Molly-Mae and Britney Spears really are #girlbosses reminding us about how we are definitely not working hard enough. We should all be so grateful to them for encouraging us to get those degrees!

Jump (For My Love) – The Pointer Sisters 

This is a really upbeat classic 80s track that will make you feel so much better about life. Also, who can forget Hugh Grant dancing to this tune? It is the best scene from Love Actually. And that is a fact.

Mad Woman – Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift is a true legend and this is another example of her talent. If you are in your feelings a bit, Mad Woman is perfect to put on and just relax and switch off, then you can get on with enjoying your day.

Off The Chain – TT The Artist, UNIQU3

Listen to this to get you hyped up! It is perfect for a run or especially when getting ready for a big night out. A true motivational banger that will make you feel so happy.

Harry Potter Soundtrack

The soundtrack will make you want to watch all the films over again which may make you less productive, but it is great to listen to when banging out some work in the library.

Maryland – Elephanz

Elephanz is a French electro/pop duo and this song is great to listen to in the morning to set you up for the day ahead!

Battle Born – The Killers 

Battle Born is an amazing, energetic song that will wake you up and bring out your inner rock icon. And it’s nice to listen to something other than Mr Brightside at 3am at Fab.

Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

This is a classic country rock banger that will transport you to Nashville, Tennessee with your rhinestone cowboy boots and Dolly Parton guitar.

Midnight Pretenders – Tomoko Aran

Tomoko Aran is a Japanese singer and this track is really chilled out and vibey, so perfect for imagining you are in some tranquil gardens with sakura, eating matcha ice cream. Very similar to Selly Oak.

Fergalicious – Fergie,

If you do this on karaoke everyone will love you. This song should go down in the pop hall of fame plus the music video is also iconic.

Applause – Lady Gaga

This is a perfect song to rehearse in the shower for your future concerts. Get your Gaga on at any time day or night!

Love Machine – Girls Aloud

This is a classic pop banger with real nostalgic good vibes. It is so catchy you will not resist humming along in the library on a Tuesday morning.

Coconuts – Kim Petras

This is a seriously feel-good Caribbean inspired banger which will inspire you to live your best life… or spend all your cash on cocktails. Look at these margarit-ta-tas!

Afterglow – Wilkinson and Becky Hill 

Afterglow will take you back to raves and festivals and is such an upbeat, motivational song which will make you want to head to Fab whatever time of the day it is!

Check out the Spotify playlist above for even more banging tunes to help see you through this semester. We can get through this!

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