UoB bans Bournbrook freshers from having post-it note messages in windows

Freshers have been told to remove all their art by Monday

Freshers living in halls at UoB are being told to remove Post-it note art and lettering from windows after complaints from the public.

While complaints have been focused on “offensive” language and messages, students in Bournbrook Halls in Selly Oak village are required to remove any Post-its from windows by Monday, no matter the content.

Freshers have displayed amusing messages in their windows, such as “Fuck Boris”, “Yeet”, “Rona got us”, and “Us too” in the flat below.

Students living in Bournbrook received an email today demanding that any and all Post-its be removed from windows after “a number of complaints from the public”. It was stated that these complaints were regarding “offensive Post-it messages” but that the manager had decided “regardless of content, all Post-it notes must be removed”. If students do not comply, any flats with messages or images still in their windows “may face further action”. Students have until 9 am on Monday the 12th of October to comply with these rules.

The email read: “We have received a number of complaints from the public regarding offensive Post-It note messages in windows at Bournbrook. As a result of this, the manager has decided that regardless of content, all Post-It notes must be removed by 9am Monday 12th October. Any flats found to have messages/images in the windows after this date may face further action.”

Many students are currently isolating in their flats due to COVID, and have therefore used Post-its to express their frustration at the situation to the outside world, with messages such as “COVID got us”, and “help”.

Many are now further exasperated as a result of these new rules restricting their expression even in their own homes.