Email from Tiv gym announces slots being reduced to 45 minutes

£10 fines, shorter slots and midnight bookings for Tiv gym

Tiverton gym have moved from 55 minute slots to 45 minute ones.

Following the issues with gym slots filling in seconds, Tiverton gym emailed students this evening with their solution.

The shorter slots allow the gym to offer “an additional 1040 sessions per week compared to the current booking system.”

The email states that this is the only feasible solution after “a number of changes have already been implemented this week.”

Speaking of the changes they have already made UoB Sport & Fitness say that they have “significantly less student members this year compared to last year.”

Earlier this week, they also introduced a £10 fine for students who were misusing the system. Booking more than one slot a day or not showing up to a booked slot are both liable for this fine.

The latest email claims that the introduction of fines “did make a significant impact on increasing the number of individual members able to book.”

Tiverton Gym will also offer “some 55 and 65 minute slots throughout the week” but the majority “will be 45 minutes from Friday 2nd October.”

Students are already unhappy with the new solution with many looking to get refunds. Final year Psychology student Safia Ismail says “I understand we’re in the middle of a pandemic but they’ve had months to plan for this and clearly haven’t thought it through.”

The email says that they “will monitor the booking system […] and review the possibility of changing the time of release” but hope to alleviate the problem through the shorter slots for now.