‘The prices were the same’: This Brum student was one of the first back inside Primark

The Birmingham Tab spoke to one of the first shoppers to enter Primark

Primark one of Birmingham’s flagship stores reopened today for the first time since the lockdown restrictions began in March, with hundreds of customers queuing outside to be the first to enter the store.

The store was planned to open at 8:00am however due to the long queues Primark re-opened 35 minutes earlier this morning with security guards present to limit the amount of customers entering the store.

The Birmingham Tab spoke to Talisha Haq, a Birmingham student who arrived at Primark at 7am and was one of the first shoppers to enter the store, she said “the prices were the same as they were prior to lockdown.”

Kathryn Stanczyszyn BBC Political Reporter for the West Midlands, tweeted out earlier today the scenes of hundreds of shoppers queuing outside the largest Primark in the world as it reopened for the first time in months.

Talisha, a student in Birmingham and one of the first shoppers to enter the store told The Birmingham Tab “I arrived at the shop at 7am and when I walked inside I saw that the baskets were clean and we were told to sanitise our hands as soon as we were inside. We were then told to make our way in one direction. I also noticed that the prices of the items seemed to be the same as they were prior to lockdown.”

Talisha continued to say how Primark implemented strict social distancing and cleanliness “I noticed that the escalators seemed to be frequently cleaned. There were also many two metre mark stickers placed around on the floor throughout the shop. Also when I went to pay there was a plastic protective in front of the staff.”


The two metre social distancing rule still has to be followed by shoppers and staff whilst they are inside the re-opened stores. Talisha told the Birmingham Tab how it was easy to follow social distancing once inside the Birmingham store “the store is quite big and there wasn’t a lot of people inside, so it made it much easier to follow the social distancing rules, I wasn’t in there for a long time either.”

Talisha was allowed to shop in Primark because from Monday non-essential shops in England were given the green light to re-open for the first time since the lockdown restrictions were implemented in March.

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