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Primark is launching online shopping and I’ve never been more excited

No more queuing!!

Get ready to throw the rest of your loan at your screen because Primark is launching an online click-and-collect service!!!

From cute clothes to cruelty-free cosmetics, you'll be able to order everything you need to deck your uni house out in true student fashion, with cheap, cuddly blankets and scented candles galore.

The retailer has said the new click-and-collect service is "on the horizon", which means no more trawling through the racks to find your latest bargain buys.

Although the store won't be launching a home delivery system, customers will be able to reserve products online, and then head into store to collect them, bypassing the usual mania involved in the classic Primark haul.

Before you get too excited, the service is still a far way off. An analyst told The Financial Times it could be up to a year until it launches, and with only limited availability in certain locations.

On the bright side, this does spell good news for all of us with a serious online, retail addiction – our boredom shopping just got a lot more affordable.

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