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Girls are losing their minds over these £9 Primark jeans which are better than Jonis

And apparently they don’t even fade

Primark have started selling a version of Topshop's Joni jeans and women everywhere are excited.

These "Super Stretch Skinny Jeans" are currently priced at only £9 compared to Topshop's £36 and many women say they are much higher quality.

Primark's Joni replicas come in a range of colours including black and light blue, dark blue, burgundy and khaki. And apparently they don't fade anywhere near as much.

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This is a monumental moment for women everywhere:

Considering how Joni jeans always fade after one wash or rip, this is a massive relief:

Megan Baxter, History student, 21 said: "Joni jeans always fade to some butters murky grey colour. They rip under your crotch, lose their shape and turn into saggy oversized tights".

Sarah Taylor, a bartender from Devon, 19 told us: "They are so comfy, the leg length is perfect which is good for tall girls and they don't lose their colour after a few washes. I originally got them because my mum bought me a pair and I was like christ this is going to be bad but then I put them on and I was in love."

Natasha Thompson, English student, 20 agrees, "I saw them and immediately bought them in three different colours. They make my legs look perf and they are like a push up bra for my ass."

The only downside? They still don't have belt loops.