Tell us how you’re spending lockdown and we’ll say which iconic Brum night out you are

Shaving your head is big Snobs vibes

Lockdown is approaching two long months, and although you might be able to meet up with a pal for a socially distant meet cute, it doesn’t look like we’re heading out of this anytime soon. For those lucky few still in Brum, home is probably starting to sound pretty good round about now. But for the rest of us miserable lot, we’re left dreaming of Old Joe and Dixy Chicken, longing to be in good old  Selly once again.

Although lockdown might be a drag, it can still be pretty telling about who we are as people. From our dodgy haircuts to drinking habits, life under coronavirus can tell you a lot – and what could be a more accurate measure of your personality than an iconic UoB night out? So, we’ve created a quiz that will tell you just that.