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Dean from this year’s The Apprentice was at Fab last week

Bit of a change from the boardroom

The first Fab of term is always a mad one, and more so when a TV show contestant makes an appearance.

Dean Ahmad: Budding entrepreneur, owner of a sports management agency, certified Fabber.

For those of you who were at the first Fab of the year on the 21st, you may have unknowingly encountered the The Apprentice star. Making the most of his remaining under-the-radar status before the 2019 candidates were officially released, Dean was found hanging out in our very own Mermaid Square.

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When are Claude and Karen going to take pics like this with the candidates?

The lads pictured with this year's potential The Apprentice winner claim they were just "chatting shit" to random people all night before bumping into Dean, who then revealed he was a contestant on the show.

Dean proceeded to show them the official The Apprentice 2019 WhatsApp group in an attempt to make the two believe him, but the final-year students remained skeptical. They jokingly said "I'll see you when it airs", to which he responded "Yeah, you will".

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When your mate manages to get you a Fab ticket

The lads, however, both agree that Dean was "sound" and have also disclosed that Claude is apparently a "nice guy" behind closed doors. Who didn't think that anyway?

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"If I'm me the whole time I know I'll succeed"

Despite claiming "I'm not here to play games, I'm here to win", Dean has had a bit of a nightmare so far on the show, ending up in the firing line after the very first task.

Now that we know that the The Apprentice star loves a VK as much as the rest of us, however, we're sure the rest of UoB will be backing him to win – after all, who doesn't want to be able to claim that they Fabbed with Lord Sugar's business partner?