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UoB is 6th in the world for studying sports, according to the new QS world ranking


According to QS World University Rankings 2019, the University of Birmingham is now 6th in the world for studying sports-related subjects. Result!

The rankings are an overview of higher education performance in universities worldwide, with over 1200 universities ranked in 48 subject tables and five broad disciplinary table.

This comes at a time where British universities have increased the number of top-10 ranks they occupy from 125 in 2017, to 137 in 2018.

First place for studying sports-related subjects was awarded to Loughborough University, while second place was given to the University of Queensland in Australia, third place to the University of British Columbia in Canada, fourth to Sydney University (also in Australia!) and fifth to the University of Toronto in Canada again.

Meanwhile, if you need any motivation or inspiration to study sports at UoB, here are some testimonials from people involved in Sports and Exercise Science: