Birmingham has been named one of the top cities to live and work in the UK

It’s official

Birmingham has been listed in the top 25 cities to live and work in the UK, coming in at 14th.

The Telegraph has published the 25 best cities to live and work in the UK. Birmingham achieved a score of 3.6/5. This was derived from a variety of factors.

More canals than Venice

More canals than Venice

Birmingham has more job openings than any other city or town in the top 25 with 47,551 job openings. It's median base salary of £24,684 is below the national average of £27,271, however, this is slightly offset by the lower living costs in the city reflected in the median home value being £189,220 compared to London's £478,142 (accurate of 28th June 2017).

It also received a job satisfaction rating of 3.3/5, which is therefore why Birmingham is not at the top of the pecking order in the top 25 cities.

It came a respectable 14th and the city has the added benefit of being central within England, HS2 on the way and it has a major international airport.