What is going through your mind when you’re watching Love Island?

Series three is already taking over my life

fashion love island night out sex students the tab the tab birmingham university of birmingham UoB

Who are Blazing Squad?

Are thong bikinis really comfortable?

Please, I welcome another fashion trend that I’ll have to follow.

Oh great, I missed a couple of episodes. 

It’s okay guys and girls we can all be hermits together.

Harley is CLEARLY the fittest AND nicest one.

Why does nobody go for the nice ones?

Oh my god… Amber looks like Roxy from Tracy Beaker…

I actually low key relate to all the girls pyscho levels.

Who runs the world? Girls.

Why, and more importantly HOW does everyone from Essex know each other?

ITV could have saved a lot of cash if they decided to stay in Brentwood and film at the Sugar Hut.

Is this staged?………………………….nahhhhhhhhhhh.

Don’t do this to me.

How does Caroline Flack get her hair to fall like that?


“This program may contain sexual content.”

I am basically watching porn. Warning: do not watch with parents.

God, I did not miss these Superdrug adverts.

Oh the suspense is killing me.

I can’t wait for the Love island doppelgänger memes.

My evenings now consist of waiting very impatiently for 9pm.

What life? What job? I don’t need a social life. No Mum, I don’t care about my friends anymore. Leave me with bae.

I hope Love Island set up a helpline for all the emotional trauma I’m going through right now.

Tissues in one hand, stress ball in the other.

Dom is literally the reason I have trust issues.

The new islanders are alright but they’re no Alex Bowen are they?

Miss you hun.

Thank you ITV for showing Love Island at the end of exam season.

I still might pass my degree. I live the good life.

Why is Montana acting like her and Dom are a married couple with 3 kids and a French bulldog? It’s been like one day.

But it’s love at first sight, darling.

These lads rate themselves so highly I can’t handle their ego.

Joking. I live for this drama xoxo gossip girl