The creators of Planet Earth II are coming to speak at UoB

Giving UoB an insight into what makes the sensational documentary

On Wednesday 29th March, the University of Birmingham is fortunate to host a talk carried out by the documentary film makers of the BBCs critically acclaimed and world wide hit Planet Earth II.  The talk is taking place in the Elgar Concert Hall and is in such high demand that tickets have already sold out.

The talk is part of the 2017 Royal Society Baird Lecture: The making of a natural history ‘blockbuster’. This will now be the second event that the Royal Society has chosen UoB to host. The first lecture took place eleven years ago in 2006.

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‘Planet Earth II’ is the second series of the critically acclaimed hit show. What is even better is the creators of the show are now going to share their knowledge with UoB.  The talk will be conducted by the veteran Mike Gunton, who is the BBCs Director of Factual and Natural History. Mr Gunton will be speaking about the purpose of the documentary, along with his impressive ability to sculpt a documentary narrative.

Hands up if you’re as excited as us.