Birmingham is the place to live for a higher quality of life

Forget Dubai and LA, Birmingham is where you need to be

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Our beloved Birmingham has been ranked in an annual survey conducted by Mercer which rated the cities that will give you a better quality of life. The survey compared 200 cities and Birmingham was ranked number 53, beating cities such as LA, Budapest and Rome. The study evaluated living conditions based on political, cultural and social environment, education, health, recreation and housing.

Leader of Birmingham City Council, John Clancy said: “The fantastic quality of life in Birmingham is increasingly recognised, not just in this country but around the world. The number of foreign visitors has doubled in just three years and we are the most popular destination for Londoners wishing to make a new life outside of the capital.”

Mercer also produced a second survey this year about a city’s infrastructure, such as transportation and utilities, in which Birmingham was ranked the highest UK city outside of the capital in the 44th spot.

Neil Rami, chief executive of Marketing Birmingham, said: “This is an encouraging report, reflecting the increasingly positive sentiment towards Birmingham as a place to live, visit and invest in. Essential to the quality of life in Birmingham is advancements in the city’s infrastructure and transport.”