How to look your best when you’re hungover

Time to look fresh after the sesh

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We have all been there. Waking up to the dreaded alarm to find Sports Night has left you, not only with a desperate Fab n Fresh post to try and retrieve your dignity, but a hangover delivered by Satan himself. However fear not young sesh fiends as The Tab has constructed  a list of the top tips that will guide you to feeling less Stuesdays and a little more Fab(ulous).


Don’t be tempted to skip this step for the extra zz’s. You always feel 100% more human if you haven’t tried to get rid of last night’s mistakes with a baby wipe.

Don’t use heavy foundation

Gals, skip the heavy foundation. Your skin will be crying out for moisture. Instead go for concealer and setting powder as a more subtle way to cover up dark circles and imperfections (it saves loads of time too).

Keep those pores open


Your body’s lack of hydration will mean you might have lost some of your natural glow so the trick is to lightly highlight the inner corners of your eyes and brow bone so it makes you look a little more alert than you probably feel.

Wear comfy clothes

Don’t just pick anything off your floor-drobe. Even if the gym is the last thing on your mind, a hoodie and some running leggings will trick everyone into thinking you are going about your normal day (minus the headache).

Stay hydrated 

Nip to Tesco and get a bottle of Powerade or Lucozade Sport or any other type of non-fizzy energy drink. These must have been sent by the gods as they rehydrate you FAST. I guarantee that headache will dissolve once you have regained some electrolytes. Pick up some gum too, the taste of VK does love to linger.

Hello hydration

And there you have it! Five tried and tested fool proof ways to help cover up your wrongdoings without anyone knowing you woke up using the box from Roosters as a pillow.