UoB go through to the quarter-finals of University Challenge

Get Greenlees to Fab

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On Monday night, the University of Birmingham won another round in this years University Challenge. UoB defeated St Andrews, even after a tough start, getting the first starter question wrong. Brum eventually came back and won by an impressive 80 points (195-115).

Team Captain and Medic, Greenlees consistently answered starter questions correctly, and led the team forward in an array of subjects from cycling, to museums in Berlin. He even completed a round in Human Anatomy on his own, answering three questions correctly in around 10 seconds.

The rest of the team: Jan-Smith (Chemistry), Sutherland (History), and Rouse (History and Politics), all played a part in an amazing performance.


The St Andrews team: Eccleston (International Relations and Spanish), Green (German and Persian), Team Captain Parker (Maths) and Vokes (Chemistry) had a respectable night but struggled with starter questions and often incorrectly buzzed in. UoB can sit back for now and relax until all of the second round is completed, and with local rivals Warwick still in the competition perhaps a derby is on the cards.

Congratulations to the University of Birmingham team, and best of luck in the Quarter-finals. For anyone who missed the episode (episode 18), it is currently on BBC iPlayer.