First year Chemical Engineering exam leaked

The first year paper was accidentally released on Monday

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A first year Chemical Engineering exam, due to be sat yesterday, was accidentally leaked on Monday.

It was released alongside a set of past papers and mark schemes.

The mistake was quickly noticed by the department, but not before students were able to see the questions for the coming exam.

As a result of the paper being compromised, it has been rendered unusable and thus the questions have been altered from those peaked at by students.


Some students have understandably expressed concerns as to if the particular topics that they have been revising for will now be comprimised due to the mix up.

Josh* is a current first year student:

“I’ve been directing my revision preparing for what was on those questions, now leaked in the paper. I’ll be mift if these questions are altered out of my favour after all my hard work.”

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Fortnately, the department have back up papers in case of situations like this arising. This means that the exam was not completely rewritten from scratch over the past two days, and the same topics have been continued as planned.