Fourth year’s laptop containing her entire dissertation stolen during lecture

It’s due on Friday

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A Mechanical Engineering student has lost her beloved Macbook Pro just days before the dissertation deadline. 

Masters student Rachel Jewkes, 22, left her laptop in a lecture theatre for just five minutes before returning to find it had disappeared.

The Macbook Pro was gone, but everything else including her handbag was still on the desk.

In an attempt to find the Macbook, Rachel posted on the Fab and Fresh group to find out if anyone had knowledge about its whereabouts.

She wrote: “To the absolute reprobate who stole my laptop from G33 in Mech Eng two hours before my dissertation presentation – you are a c***. If anyone sees a Macbook Pro with this sticker on it, it’s mine, it has my dissertation on it.”

Rachel promised “Endless rewards to anyone who finds it”.


Have you seen a Macbook with this sticker on it?

Have you seen a Macbook with this sticker on it?

Rachel told the Tab: “The laptop is an extension of myself. All I really cared about is being able to watch Game of Thrones after my dissertation presentation today.

“The mere – estimated – 200 hours I’ve spent on my dissertation is mildly less important, but if I get it back I’ll put whoever finds it in my acknowledgements.”

So far the only information regarding the whereabouts of the Macbook was the sighting of a tall guy in a baseball cap carrying a Macbook Pro with a black sticker on it by a lady at the Shell Lounge.

If you know or have heard of the laptop’s whereabouts please contact the University or email [email protected]