I made my own bath out of a plastic container

I have no money, can you blame me?

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After a long, stressful day trekking back through Selly Oak in the dark to your student house, what can be better than lighting a candle, putting on some smooth jazz and climbing into a nice hot bubble bath?

Of course, that is if you have a bath.

Like most of us in Selly Oak, sadly I don’t technically have a bath tub. But hey, we’re students, we’re poor and so we have to be innovative and imaginative.  Who says you have to bathe in an actual bath tub? Here’s where my great thinking comes in.

At home I am lucky enough to have a nice big bath. I have one most nights with candles around the edge and mixing up a range of bath products to overcome those stressful days. It’s a ritual.

How was I meant to deal with the stress of university without a bath?!  I had to have one at any cost. Suddenly the answer was clear to me – get a plastic container.

After joking with my friends, I took the plunge and bought a 145 litre container. That’s right, I’ve started bathing using a storage box. And it is fabulous.

Obviously there were a few teething issues such as limited room to maneuver and a distinct lack of drainage, but nothing a little thinking outside the box, or in this case the tub, couldn’t solve.

Now, it’s all too easy to have a relaxed evening in Selly. Here’s a step-by-step guide if you want to follow my path and create your own special little bath.

1. Buy the plastic containter

You can get one in Rymans on campus

2. Place the shower head in the tub to fill it

It fills up in no time

3. Light some candles and add some oils

To make it that much more relaxing

4. Add some rubber ducks

No bath is complete without the little fellas

5. Dive in

Life is good

6. Make sure to pour the water down the drain

For all those bath lovers out there and if you are small (5.4ft or below) and reasonably flexible, I highly recommend you purchase a tub.

It’ll change your student life in Selly for the better.