What do students at other universities think of Birmingham?

‘It’s full of hipsters, right?’

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Here at Birmingham we all take pride in how good we think our University is but, believe it or not, there’s a whole load of other universities out there full of students who constantly judge us. Here’s what they think.

Louise Kennedy, University of Glasgow

They’re the ones who no one pays attention to, so they make a big deal out of being a red brick. And not being Birmingham City.

Lewis Wright, University of Chester

Similar to that of Uni of Manchester vs Manchester Met, the general consensus I am familiar with is that if you’re at any other Uni in the Midlands besides Uni of Birmingham, your university is irrelevant and undermined making a degree from those institutions less credible. Basically it’s the best one in the area.

Matt Bodin, University of Worcester

It’s a good, multi-cultural university. But because I always wanted to drive to and from uni, it would have been far too much hassle with the horrendous traffic that always seems to be surrounding the area. The parking facilities are rubbish as well.

Alicia Bateman, University of Wolverhampton

It’s definitely one of the best universities in the Midlands, really picturesque. And the fact it has a Subway on campus makes it that much better.

Jake Beckford, University of York

It’s a good uni, well respected with decent maths and science departments. Unfortunately, it’s in Birmingham and that’s a shame.

Nicola Carter, University of Manchester

I feel like Birmingham is one of those places where it’s a bit shit but everyone just bands together and pretends it’s not.

Andrew Baker, BCU

Everyone thinks that Brummies have dirty accents. But I love how close everything is to their campus and how everything is in walking distance. Their night life is amazing as well.

Amy Sansom, University of Warwick

The only thing I know about Brum is the nightlife is loads better there than here. And the atmosphere around work is loads chiller.

Connor Smith, University of Manchester

Brum was my first choice because of the history and beautiful campus. However, all I can think of now is the large hipster population that attended the open days, so I’m glad I’m not surrounded by those edgy weirdos I’ve seen trudging around Selly in search of a last minute dealer before Rainbow calls final entry!

Lauren Beardsmore, University of Worcester

I visited Birmingham for an open day and it was very old-fashioned and probably contained lots of history. It seems like the place to go if you are an A-grade student.