Vote: Selly’s Cutest Hamster – THE FINAL

You decide who will be Brum’s Next Top Hamster

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It’s come down to this. After The Tab toured Selly finding the cutest possible hamster available we narrowed it down to this final vote between two beauties.

The winner will officially be crowned Selly’s Next Top Hamster.


Tom Gifford’s hamster Lunch took the prize in Round One, snuffling its way into the final with a commanding 37.78 per cent of the vote. If you like what you see and think this loveable chap should romp home with the win, then vote.

Tom said: “If Lunch won it would mean the world to him, and it will help him in his quest to find a female hamster to lick his balls for him.” Lovely.

Currently residing on Hubert Road, Tom’s housemates brought Lunch as a present over exams last Summer. Tom added: “I love having a hamster because while he’s absolutely no maintenance whatsoever he’s still great fun. Lunch is the best because instead of running inside the wheel, he runs on top of it.” How sweet.

He wheely wants to win

What’s up? Never seen a hamster lick its balls before?

How cute


Over in Round Two Beth Barsby’s Buster stole the show, dominating the vote with a healthy 33.69 per cent share.

Beth said: “Buster should win because he has been through so much in his life – since we found him in the road we’ve given him the name ‘miracle hamster’ so he definitely deserves the win so he knows we are so proud of all his hard work surviving in the wild/the road”.

Buster was found in the middle of the road and has since “been on lots of adventures such as when some of our friends decided they wanted to steal him and took him to kebab land.” If you want to complete Buster’s transition from the bottom to the top, then vote for him below.

Is this legal?

“Buster would be over the moon if he won, more excited than when we give him a massive carrot treat and he stuffs it all in his mouth at once.”

Now it’s time for the two to go toe to toe, head to head, hamster to hamster, in a clash that will go down in the annals as perhaps the greatest contest in history.

Vote now to crown Selly’s Best Hamster: