Are you Birmingham’s maddest fresher?

Nominations are open

Are you known around campus for being an absolute nutter?

Have you never missed a FAB? Did you take your mum for a meal in Roosters when she visited? Did you spend all your loan on a shitzu?

Well now the day has come when you will finally be recognised for the beautifully reckless individual that you are. You could be voted The Tab’s maddest fresher.

He looks like a possible candidate

Are you madder than this kid?

Whilst your chances of a 2:1 might be dwindling after all your nights of incredible banter, the title of “Birmingham’s maddest fresher” is sure to sound impressive at any job interview.

Why not put yourself or a friend forward for this incredible accolade? If this sounds like you, or someone you know, message our Facebook page or email [email protected], with who they are, a photo, and why they should be this year’s maddest fresher.

The Crown is up for grab mates

This could be yours