A girl was chased home by a man on Tiverton Road

He banged on her front door and yelled at her to open it

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A terrified second year was followed home by a man who tried to get into her house.  

It happened just after midnight on Monday as she was leaving her friend’s on Exeter and was walking up Tiverton Road.

The man – described as being in his late 20s – started to chase her down the road, but she managed to shut her front door in his face.

The student, who prefers to remain anonymous, exclusively told The Tab: “There was this man across the road staring at me, I thought he was just having a cigarette but as I continued past he started to walk up the street on the other side of the road still watching me.

“I started walking faster and faster because it was freaking me out and I got my keys out ready to get into my house as quickly as possible.”


Tiverton Road where it happened

The only thing that saved her was the lock of the front door.

She added: “I shut the door just as he was on my doorstep. I locked it but he was trying to get in and started banging and shouting for me to open the door.

“He carried on for a few minutes and woke all my housemates up who came to see what was going on.”

He is reported to be in his late 20s/early thirties, with short fair hair.

If you have any information regarding this man, please contact the police immediately.