How much does your course really cost you?

Dentists have the best value for money

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At a staggering £9,000 a year, you’ve probably found yourself questioning if your degree is really worth it.

How much money have you wasted by missing your 9am after Stuesdays, lying hungover in bed instead? The Tab found out which course is the best value for money based on the number of contact hours.

It doesn’t take into account the lectures you miss


Medics, unsurprisingly, get pretty good value for money with their course. At a rough average of 25 contact hours a week, studying Medicine will cost you just under £16.40 an hour. Now you Medics can feel more relaxed about missing a lecture… but maybe don’t, because one day our lives may depend on you.

English Literature

English students, on the other hand, don’t have it so great. If you’ve made the intellectual decision to spend your uni life grafting over a wide variety of novels, poems and dramas (of course this is a worthwhile use of your time), you’ll be set back a nasty £45.50 an hour. Ouch.

Sport Science 

Often snubbed by many as an inferior degree, Sport Scientists are paying significantly less per hour than other subjects, like English. At £31.50 an hour it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s definitely better value for money. And probably a better use of your time too, with the chance to develop your skills in a specific area.

Is there more to Sports Science than Sports Night?


At 27 hours a week, who’d have thought there’d be so much to learn about teeth. Still, £15.15 an hour is pretty good going. In fact, it’s probably the best value course going. What makes this even more annoying is dentists are very likely to walk straight into a well paying job.


This is where it gets bad – unless you’re a Philosophy student yourself, and you struggle to objectively define what “bad” really means. The modern-day Platos and Aristotles are paying a gigantic £58.40 an hour for their course, which might bother them, if they weren’t too busy questioning the foundations of life to notice.

This is what a lecture looks like


Ah, biology. There’s nothing really to say about biologists. They’re pretty normal, intelligent people. Pretty average. So it’s fitting that they pay a pretty average amount for their course per hour. With an average of 17 hours a week, they pay £24 an hour. Average course, average people, average price.


The stereotypically socially inept brainboxes of uni are splashing out just under £27.30 an hour with an average of 15 hours a week. To be honest, they can’t really complain, because without maths, money probably wouldn’t exist, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. This entire thing is their fault.