Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cast: What is your favourite chocolate bar?

Someone said Toffee Crisp

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With only 48 hours to create the masterpiece that is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the cast and crew pulled it off.

Its popularity was clear by the number of people who came to enjoy the production and watch this unique take on a classic – but we wanted to know what their favourite chocolate bar is.

Vita Fox, Willy Wonka 

“Dairy Milk with whole nuts.”

Sophia Hollis and Alice Wersocki Morris, lead Oompa Loompas


For Sophia it’s Toffee Crisp and for Alice Galaxy Caramel.

Taylor Hebert, Mrs Bourigard


A fan of the Kit Kat.

Jordan Chilvers, Grampa Joe


He was happy to tell us how much he enjoys eating Crunchies.

Antonia Taylor, Charlie Bucket and Elliot McDowell, Mr Salt


Antonia’s favourite is Mint Aero.

Elliot prefers a Mars Bar.

Will Jackson, Writer & Director


His favourite chocolate bar was a Kit Kat Chunky but in order to have “the full Kit Kat experience you have to have four together”.

Lauren Young and Andy Wilson, Producer & Stage Manager


Lauren enjoys a Kinder Bueno but it has to be the white chocolate flavour.

Andy prefers a Twirl because “you eat one and then there is another left waiting in the packet for you”.

Chris Conway, Reporter, School Kid & Freddy Fox and Jimmy Van Hear, Mr Bucket & Oompa Loompa 


These boys like a Twix or a Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Becky Hansell, Augustus Gloop

augustas - Copy

“Snickers are the best.”