The biggest tunes in Brum over Freshers’ Week

If you didn’t hear these songs you didn’t go out

Freshers’ Week, one of the most prominent events on the calendar, and a big part of that is the music.

Shazam has a setting to check out the popular music in your area. So we decided to Shazam Birmingham to see exactly what the music scene is like this Freshers’ Week.

Number 1: Locked away – R. City feat. Adam Levine

A student enjoying Freshers’ had this to say about the Shazam’s Number 1 tune for the week: “Locked Away is quite a good song but not too dance to” she said her “favs were Hotline Bling and Downtown”.

Number 2: Talk to Me – Nick Brewer Feat. Bibi Bourelly

Number 3: Hotline Bling – Drake

DJ VIP, who plays at a number of Birmingham’s main venues in the “urban” room, said he aims: “to push a lot of new music on the crowd as well as mixing in the classics”.

He continued by saying that this chart “contains probably my biggest track at the moment which is Drake- Hotline Bling but doesn’t account for yet to be released singles and independent or unsigned artists.”

Number 4: Do it again – Pia Mia feat. Chris Brown and Tyga

When asked what his thoughts were on the Freshers Week music, DJ Smooth Fuego, who plays on a monthly basis at Velvet Music Rooms, said: “that sounds about right but add Silento – Watch Me and Fetty Wap – My Way”.

Number 5: Easy Love – Sigala

Number 6: How Deep is your love – Calvin Harris & Disciples

Snobs DJ, Gav la Jones: “we gave the world the Beatles and what do we get in return really terrible music. I’m really into promoting local and guitar music”. However, he did admit: “that is the state music is in we have to be diverse”.

Number 7: Downtown- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Referring to Macklemore’s Downtown, a fresher said: “I am not fan of it… it sounds like two different songs”. However, she did say: “I like chart music because I can dance and sing along to it.”

Number 8: What do you mean? – Justin Bieber

One fresher said: “I hear all of these all the time, sometimes too much! I’m more into hip hop. But it’s all very popular.”

Number 9: Intoxicated – Martin Solveig & GTA

First year Jack said: “I do not know any of these songs. I have probably heard them around, just never felt the desire to hear them again. I’m more into rock and alternative.”

Number 10: Alone No More – Philip George & Anton Powers

Have you enjoyed the music this Freshers’? Or do you agree with Gav la Jones and want “Bloc Party to bring out another helicopter”?