Don’t worry about a thing, we’re definitely going to get a job

The exam stress will be worth it in the end

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You can rest easy, as Birmingham is one of the top universities in the country for graduate employment.

According to a study from High Fliers Research, our beloved university is the 13th most likely to be targeted by the largest number of top employers such as Sky, Goldman Sachs and Google.

Birmingham sits comfortably behind the London School of Economics, Leeds, Exeter and Oxbridge.

Don’t stress about exams, you’re bound to be head hunted

Uni is a breeze

We’ve already been ranked 15th in the Good University Guide, so there’s no need to stress about those grad schemes: they’re pining for us already.

Second year Ruth Meredith is glad to be at such a good uni.

She told The Tab: “It’s reassuring to be at a uni which is good for job prospects, as so many people graduate and struggle.

“The uni has been really helpful in my decision of what I want to do in a career, so it is something you notice as a student.”

Birmingham is climbing up the league tables.

So while you are locked away stressing about your assignment deadlines and exams, know it won’t all be in vain.

Those employers are out there just waiting for you to graduate.