Tamsin Eddey

Tamsin Eddey
Birmingham University


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Two best mates launch yummy new street food business

They’re selling chips, cheese and gravy

We’re at one of the best unis in the country according to new league tables

We’re not surprised

Petition against Castle Cars has doubled in the last two days

Should they be associated with the Guild?

Hackers threaten to LEAK Grad Ball line-up

The Guild of Pirates will release the info if they reach 1500 followers on Twitter

Farewell: Old Joe to lose clock face during restoration works

Update: Check the date

Pedestrian hit by tanker on Bristol Road

They have been taken to hospital

Why are we being asked to vote in the same referendum as last year?

The changes they want to make are worse than their campaign video

This referendum video is super cringey

What would S club say?

Fat cat Vice Chancellor pockets over £400,000 a year

And he refused to reveal what he claims on expenses

Degree snobs are the worst kind of student

We all know one

Tab Tries: Folk Society

The cheeky folkers

More Islamophobic graffiti scrawled in the Arts building

It says ‘kill Islam before it kills you’

Someone incinerated a bird and artistically displayed it in Selly

It’s the Brum Witch Project

Don’t worry about a thing, we’re definitely going to get a job

The exam stress will be worth it in the end

I hate Christmas, and you should too

‘Tis the season of overrated commercialism

Three girls had a narrow escape when they were hit by a car near campus

The collision happened next to the Vale

I went blind but that didn’t stop me from starting a maths degree

And you thought calculus was hard

UoB is voted one of the UK’s most gay friendly unis

You will be pleased to hear that ‘Gay by Degree’ has ranked Birmingham among the UK’s top gay friendly universities

Hundreds of millions to be spent on ‘unnecessary’ campus refurb

£400 million will be spent on campus refurbs over the next five years