Fake feminism is awesome and you should all agree

It’s wrong to say ‘fake’ feminism doesn’t contribute

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Feminism: a current and powerful movement in its third wave addressing real, world-wide issues.

Also arguably just another “it” trend adopted by teenage girls that doesn’t address anything at all except a woman’s right to refuse to make a man a sandwich.

But if you’re one of those who view 2014 feminism as a vapid fashion craze lead by Beyoncé or Zoella which stands for nothing, I have something to say to you.

This is what a feminist looks like?

This is what a feminist looks like?

The term “faux feminism” and the hatred for girl power that’s too digestible is far too simplistic a view to have of feminism.

Consider, if you will, your high school PHSE lessons. Remember gateway drugs, and how a little bit of marijuana would turn you into a full blown crack head in a matter of puffs?

Well, these women are gateway feminists. They set the path towards the hardcore stuff.

The fact these “easy” brands of feminism exist means more women – especially younger girls – are introduced to feminism when otherwise they might not have been.

I have friends that used to roll their eyes whenever I’d use the F-word, but ever since Beyoncé stood silhouetted in front of it, I’ve seen them championing feminism in their own way.

So what if right now they only care about ranting aggressively at cat-callers and men that tell them to get back in the kitchen?

Actual photo of a feminist

Actual photo of a feminist

Feminism embodies a whole load of complicated ideas that can take a long time to understand. There’s a lot more to it than body hair, kitchens, and slut walks.

I’ll happily admit I’m a beginner myself. I’m trying to actively teach myself about intersectional feminism, to unlearn normal but problematic notions instilled in me by society, and to recognise and support issues that stretch further than the ones I encounter in my daily life.

But I started out thinking feminism was simply about issues that only affected me, and not the women whose issues I could never understand.

The point is, feminism can be difficult. But without the types of feminism that are considered too easy, too mainstream, too transparent, too exclusive, we probably would have lost out on the generation of feminists we have today.

Being angry at men = feminism, right?

Being angry at men = feminism, right?

So I stand by the women who teach girls sexual empowerment can come from twerking. I stand by the women who paradoxically celebrate body confidence by teaching girls how to use make up. I might even say I stand by the women who think feminism is about shouting unintelligibly at men just because.

Because despite the fact this isn’t “real” feminism, it’s an okay place to start.

It doesn’t properly address issues that really need to be addressed, but it gets women thinking. It might be really annoying and unnecessarily demonising of men, but it’s the quickest and easiest way to get the word out there.

So, faux feminists, crowd followers, and questionable female role models unite. Fly your fake feminist flags and inspire a generation of women to do one better than you.