Why I am not, and never will be your ‘love’

I don’t belong to you, thanks

Why I don’t wear makeup for men

It’s for me, myself and I

It’s about bloody time we talked about periods

By talking about it, we normalise it

UoB’s Drama group heavily criticised for promoting play with ‘sexist’ poster

A member of the Women’s Association said ‘the girls in underwear have no real relevance to the plot’

Third year starts blog to combat campus sexism

Nearly half of Birmingham girls have been sexually assaulted

Five per cent tax is nothing, you can afford your period

Think about the people who actually can’t

Fake feminism is awesome and you should all agree

It’s wrong to say ‘fake’ feminism doesn’t contribute

Grabbing my ass is never OK, even if I’m in a ninja outfit

Why can’t no just mean no?

There’s nothing funny about street harassment

Street harassment is not a casual joke, it’s a serious issue that needs to be dealt with