Jurassic Park 48 Hour was not the best we’ve seen

Was it too much of a challenge?

The most recent 48 hour had us in for a treat as the ambitious Jurassic Park was set to feature in the Deb Hall.

It was a challenge: such a 48 hour would have to try and imitate the mass CGI effects that occur in the film.  Unfortunately it was probably a stretch too far for this production: the laughter you normally get with a 48 hour was not on par.

This being the case, the set up in the Deb Hall worked fantastically well. Various pieces of foliage and cardboard signs and props were all used effectively to create the setting. A projector also cleverly defined the many scene changes which added an accomplished touch.

The stage was set for dinosaur carnage...

The stage was set for dinosaur carnage

48 Hour cardboard and projection working to full effect!

Lighting and sound were on form too, but then again you can’t really do Jurassic Park without terrifying dinosaur roars, atmospheric lighting for chase scenes and a musical number or two.

This 48 hour managed to incorporate a Raptor song, sang by the gutsy Lucy Cheetham in order to let out the feelings of her Raptor character.

The picture really speaks for itself. Raptor glorification at its finest.

If it was up to light and sound alone it would have been a great show, but poorly worded puns and various actors let the production down.

I’m sure the audience will agree they did not pay to see someone get openly pissed out of his head for laughs. It is known one or two might have a cheeky drink off stage to ease the pressure, but the public display of drinking became tiring. Yes, a 48 hour can be all about breaking out of character, even to laugh at your fellow actor for forgetting his line. But overall there was no professionalism and it really let down the direction and script.

Clever Girl. And Clever Boy for making the more memorable film moments stand out.

Making the more memorable film moments stand out

Nevertheless credit is due to those few who really tried with their dinosaur interpretation skills. Sam Forbes, Hannah Sharp, Dominic Ryder, Mike Howie and Max James Smith maintained their characters throughout the performance, and Holly Phelps was truly the comedian with her “supermarket” drone voice used as the overhead speaker at the Jurassic Park tour.

Not to add any pressure to the next 48 hour production, but the whole point of the brilliant 48 hour concept is effort. We’ve had some great 48 hour productions over the years, but sadly this was not one of the best.  Some of the best aspects of the film were lost in this production.